Haiti new National Defense Force, not new Army, Jean Rodolphe Joazile

In an attempt to alleviate at least some of the trepidation expressed by Haitian citizens upon learning of the secret training underwent by 41 of the country's brightest in Ecuador, and their return to possibly create a new Haitian army, Minister of Defense, Jean Rodolphe Joazile announced on Wednesday October 9th that the returning young people, including 30 soldier-technicians and 11 officer-engineers, were not part of a new army, but a new Civil Defense Force.


According to the Defense Minister, there is a need for the force within the country, as such, 40 additional young people will journey away from Haiti by the end of the year for civil engineering military training. It is part of a three year plan to implement a complete Civil Defense Force.

The 41 currently back from the schools 'Los Vencedores del CENEPA' and Eloy Alfaro' in Ecuador are finalizing their training in Petite Riviere at the MINUSTAH Ecuadorian military engineering contingent base before taking over the duties of the peacekeepers stationed in Haiti now on December 17th.

The legalities of the soon to be formed defense force are still being ironed out and wait on a formal document being finalized by the Defense Minister. Minister Joazile expressed the knowledge that a new force is needed in the country, but stated that the priority for the government now is to establish a civil defense force first. He also explained that the country is not yet of the means to create a fully composed and functioning army.

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Subject: Haiti new National Defense Force, not new Army, Jean Rodolphe Joazile edit

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