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Ecuador where 30,000 Haitians live, hit by 7.8 magnitude earthquake

A violent 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Ecuador last Sunday morning. The death toll has soared to 272 and Vice President Jorge Glas had estimated that more than 2,527 people were injured. There have been reports of extensive damage in the southwest of the country such as Guayaquil and coastal Manabi Province where it is hard to reach the victims. The cities of Manta, Portoviejo and Pedernales were the most devastation but he entire country is affected.

There is a large Haitian community living in Ecuador and some of them are expected to be among the victims of this 7.8 magnitude earthquake. According to the most recent estimates, more than 30,000 Haitians are living in Ecuador. So far, not many relatives and friends have heard about them.

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Ecuador offers Visa to Illegal Haitian Immigrants

You would't believe it however there are still some countries that treat Haitian immigrants decently. That is the case in Ecuador. Following a request from Haitian President Michel Martelly to President Rafael Correa, a new provision was adopted by the Ecuadorian government to regularize all Haitian nationals who have been living in Ecuador.

Any Haitians who have been living in Ecuador illegally before May 4, 2015, are now eligible to apply for a non-immigrant visa type 12-XI. This visa will be valid for six months at the time. Once the visa is obtained, the beneficiary can then apply for a migrant visa.

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Haiti new National Defense Force, not new Army, Jean Rodolphe Joazile

In an attempt to alleviate at least some of the trepidation expressed by Haitian citizens upon learning of the secret training underwent by 41 of the country's brightest in Ecuador, and their return to possibly create a new Haitian army, Minister of Defense, Jean Rodolphe Joazile announced on Wednesday October 9th that the returning young people, including 30 soldier-technicians and 11 officer-engineers, were not part of a new army, but a new Civil Defense Force.

According to the Defense Minister, there is a need for the force within the country, as such, 40 additional young people will journey away from Haiti by the end of the year for civil engineering military training. It is part of a three year plan to implement a complete Civil Defense Force.

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Government welcomes Haitian engineers and technicians from military training in Ecuador

After rigorous training over the course of 10 months spent in a foreign country, 41 of Haiti's brightest return home to be part of the new, impending quasi-military force which is the brainchild of current President, Michel Martelly.

The move to ship the over 40 men to Ecuador to undergo their training was Martelly's answer after his campaign promise to reinstitute the army, which had been disbanded after the Aristide coup, among other serious charges of abuse of power, was met by overwhelming dissent by the U.S. and other world governments, which cited a concern that a new army would derail the efforts being made to create a police force of civilians.

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Haiti Minister of Defense Jean Rodolphe Joazile: Haiti will soon form armed forces

In a declaration, Defense Minister for Haiti stated that Haiti will soon have her own armed forces. He gave indications that the armed forces will be formed before the end of Presidential term of Michel Martelly. The Minister stated that it was one of the promises made by the President during the election campaigns and the President intends to keep the promise.

Defense Minister, Jean Rodolphe Joazile stated that Haiti currently has the support from other countries which include Ecuador, Uruguay, Brazil and France. He mentioned that the first recruits for the Haitian armed forces will originate in the countries supporting the decision. The minister also explained that the individuals who are hopeful to be recruited to the Haitian armed forces are from different backgrounds and that they will be arriving in Haiti by the end of this year.

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Ecuador President Rafael Correa to help Haiti with New Military Force

With the planned developments for Haiti under the young administration of President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, the country needs great assistance and cooperation, especially with its neighboring countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. That is why the Martelly-Lamothe administration has been very keen and active in obtaining foreign support for its different sectors and projects.

The most recent development with regards to international ties and relations is with neighboring Ecuador. In July of 2012, President Martelly met with Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa in order to gain mutual cooperation with regards to national security and defense. Both countries have signed to a number of agreements on this matter with respect to strengthening ties and solidarity between the two nations. In one of these agreements, Ecuador promised a 13.5 million dollar fund for Haiti in order to reconstruct the country amidst the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake. Another agreement also included mutual cooperation with regards to providing an engineering force, new military units, and marine rescue facilities in Haiti, as well as providing military force in its borders, aviation units, and anti-riot forces in order to overturn armed threats to the country's security. The cooperation of both countries will also include the training of military staff and personnel and the reconstructing and building of different infrastructure to stabilize the economic situation of Haitians.

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Brazil and Ecuador to Help Rebuild Haitian Army

With the brutal military regime over for more than a decade and Haiti successfully transitioned into a democratic nation, President Michel Martelly is planning to create a new Haitian army to replace the U.N. troops. The president, along with the country's Defense Minister Rodolphe Joazile, has recently been able to convince neighboring countries' Brazil and Ecuador in helping on the cause. The two nations both agreed to assist Haiti by providing military training, equipment, and engineering.

Haiti's military was notorious for human rights violations and bloodshed in the 1900s. It had a strong involvement and influence in the country's politics, having the capability to overthrow presidents and government officials. One of the bloodiest movements led by the military was the 1991 coup d'état in order to remove then President Jean-Bertrand Aristide from office. It took three years of bloodshed between the military and Aristide's supporters before the United States intervened and put the Aristide back as Haiti's head of state. With the help of the U.S. and the United Nations, the government was finally able to disband the military in 1995. The country has since been protected by the U.N.'s peacekeeping force.

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