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with Max Mathurin CEP does not inspire confidence, Senators of G6

The last report about the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) is it had been seated, a pre-condition for holding both legislative and local elections, now more than three years overdue. The sticky wicket has been the dubious appointment of Judge Wendelle Coq to the position of the Superior Council of the Judiciary's vice-presidency. Senator Moise Jean-Charles deems her appointment illegal. He fears because President Martelly has installed Judge Coq, he means to control the CEP through her.

And now it turns out the G6 Senators: Pierre Exius, Moise Jean-Charles, Jean-Baptiste Bien-Aimé, Jean Jeanty, John Joseph, and Wesner Polycarpe are not satisfied with the seating of CEP, claiming ". . . CEP does not inspire confidence and is not constitutional . . ." They point to Article 289 as the basis for their opposition to the CEP as it is seated now. The G6 laments Martelly and Senate President Desras expect G6 to resolve the crisis they created.

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CSPJ finally designated Ms. Yolette Mengual, its representative

Provisional Electoral Council Seated but Senate Reluctant to Ratify Electoral Law

Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSPJ) appointed Yolette Mengual as a representative to the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP). She will be replacing Marie Floreal Dulcervil. The facts surrounding Mengual's appointment are hazy. It was reported five votes were cast for her and four against. But it is said there was a tie vote, but no tie vote count given, and Me Joseph, Council President, was forced to cast the deciding vote.

A new Parliamentarian, Max Mathurin, was also appointed, along with Nehemy Joseph and Leopold Berlanger, making a total of four appointees to the CEP, which completes the seating. Next the Senate must ratify the electoral law, but more delays are expected, concerning the ratification process. Senate President, Simon Desras, has lost the respect of his party but insists ". . . they are ready to "consider" the amendment of the electoral law, once the Electoral Council is complete. This is code for we are going to stall the process. Legislative and local elections have been delayed for over two years and the excuse has been the seating of the CEP.

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