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Morne a Cabri, Haiti

It's been over a year since a mysterious housing development sprang up in the Morne à Cabri region, in the desert some 15 kilometers to the east of Port-au-Prince. These little houses, totaling approximately 3,000, are so described because the public has heard next to no details about the construction, despite the prescripts of the constitution, and a demand to hear more from the Haitian Government.

Despite the lack of information, as well as because of it, the questions keep piling up, largely still unanswered. Is it a private venture or is the Government in charge? Who has commissioned the construction, and to what end? What is the budget for the work being done in Morne à Cabri and where is the money coming from? What firm has responsibility for the construction and are the new guidelines for housing and building code policies being observed?

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Village Lumane Casimir in Morne-a-Cabris

On May 16, 2013, the Head of the State of Haiti, President Michael Martelly went ahead with a symbolic deliverance of keys to 8 out of 120 beneficiary families. The event was the part of 1st phase of rental housing construction in Morne-à-Cabris. The project aims towards building 3,000 rental houses in Morne-à-Cabris. Started in December 2011, this social project is a part of Martelly-Lamothe administration interventions targeted towards assisting Haiti's most vulnerable social group. The project kicked off under the guidance of UCLBP or Unit for Housing Construction and Public Buildings.

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