Why does Jean Lounis stab 4-month old child in the Dominican Republic

According to Dominican Police this happened late Saturday in village of La Victoria when Jean Lounis who is 37, got into an argument with Patricia Philomar, the mother of his 4-month-old daughter. As the mother ran away to call police, Jean Lounis took his frustration on their 4-month old innocent child in the home


A local mub reacted by killing the 37 year old Haitian Jean Lounis

This kid of behaviors will not help the Haitian community in the Dominican Republic, Instead it would reinforce the conception in the Dominican Republic that we, Haitians, are uncivilized.

Who are the victims:

The innocent child is clearly a victim.

Do you think Jean Lounis is also a victim? What does he have available for him in term of resources in the Dominican Republic?

Does he have the luxury to go talk to a counselor?

When the society he lives in doesn't care much for him, when he is constantly living in fear that he might be killed just because he is Haitian, where can he go to vent?

When he works like a dog and sometimes expects not to be paid because he is an illegal Haitian. At the same time, When he is trying to provide for the home with a small child, a wife or partner, is there an environment or a place or resources he can tap into just like any normal society that understand how hard it can be?

Please think for a moment! despite all his unspeakable crime, Jean Lounis might not necessarily be the devil we all think he is today. It might just be the society and the condition he was living in.

Here is a song by one of the greatest Haitian artists. Emeline Michel in the song Batey. Just listen to the music as well as the words.

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Ricclavie says...

Jean Lounis did not have any right to stab a 4 years old child.

The local mub did not have any right to kill Jean Lounis either.

We won't know the true nature of the story behind this regret incident.

No one has right to kill, we should take any misbehaving manners in front the court of justice.

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Ricart says...

Lack of resources and counselors does not justify Jean Lounis' criminal behavior.

Furthermore, the Dominican Republic is not under any obligation to provide counseling to foreigners in transit.

In the Dominican Republic, nobody take care of you. You have to take care of yourself.

Moreover, fears of being killed do not justify the stabbing of a child just to vent.

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