More injustice by Dominicans as 244 Haitians are pick-up and expelled

It has been reported that a Dominican elderly couple was slain in a burglary and as a consequence, 244 Haitians were picked up and expelled by Dominican authorities. Was the crime committed by Haitians in the Dominican Republic? No one is certain


According to Rev. Antoine Lissaint who is heading a Refugee and Migrant Organization in the country, a mob retaliated upon hearing the news by killing a Haitian man. The man was killed because he happens to be Haitians while Haitians were blamed for the fatal stabbing of the elderly couple.

Based on the Police report, Jose Mendez Diaz and Luja Encarnacion Diaz were both killed during a home burglary. There is no evidence to indicate that Dominican detectives knew who committed the crime or even more importantly that the criminal(s) was/were of Haitian descent.

It was further reported that many of the people expelled were mothers with their children. One mother was carrying a 3-day-old boy. Also reported were a few women who left their children behind during the deportation process.

"Some people (here) have their children in the Dominican Republic, and they don't know where they are.

"Jis Kilè Dominiken ap sispan Raché ayisyen"

Think of this for a second, as a Haitian living peacefully in the Dominican Republic, you can be killed for any of the following reasons:

- A Dominican in your area is murdered by a Haitians you have never met

- A Dominican in your area is killed and a Dominican mub suspects that the crime was committed by Dominican of Haitian descent.

- Come to think of it, every time you hear that a crime has taken place in the country, you would likely be on edge thinking that something might happen to you or your family.

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Subject: More injustice by Dominicans as 244 Haitians are pick-up and expelled edit

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