Pierre Garcon, Indianapolis Colts, Wide receiver

He is an American football player of a Haitian descent. Pierre Garcon was born in America though his parents were from Haiti where they had moved to the US during one of the political situations in the country which were very common during the days. They had immigrated to the US seeking refuge and had their children born there.


Pierre Garcon is one of the famous football players known all over the country out of his abilities and exceptional talent. He plays for the Washington Redskins of the National Football Leagueevent since being drafted in 2008 by the NFL. He attended high school at John I. Leonard High School in Greenacres, Floridawhere he participated in various co-curricularactivities all involving sports such as soccer, tracks and American football.

He started his talent here and eventually decided to major in football where he saw a great future and where his talent really was. Pierre Garcon attended college at Norwich University in Northfield, Vermont where he joined the football team and here he gained a lot of popularity after a couple of winnings and great games and shows. He has ever since been so good at what he does and is one of the few players specifically designed and well suited for the games.

He later was drafted by Indianapolis Colts in 2008 where he played as backup receiver. He later changed his position to Reggie Wayne's back-up. On March 2012 Garcon signed a contract of 5 years with Washington redskins for a contract deal of $42.5 where he still is playing. He has a great future ahead since he is one of the few players to show the kind of ability and exceptional playing method he has shown so far.

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