Jericho, Annual Spiritual Revival at Notre Dame D'Haïti Catholic Church

Over 10,000 Haitians filled Notre Dame d'Haïti Catholic Church in Little Haiti during "Jericho" service on Thursday, October 15, 2015. They were united to celebrate the fourteenth year of annual spiritual revival in Little Haiti. Every year, thousands of pilgrims from abroad and South Florida attend this joyful revival festival. It has become the symbolic force of this Church's biggest spiritual renewal. Notre Dame D'Haïti Catholic Church in Little Haiti was founded by the late Emeritus Archbishop of Miami on August 1981.


"Jericho Walk" or "Prayer walks" is one of the first terms of Christianese intended to circle a building or an area while saying your prayers. It lets you unwind and reconnect with your Creator. The prayer walking is sometimes called "Spiritual warfare"; using prayer to fight evil spirits. 'Prayer walk' can be done alone, but it becomes more when expressed with your family or friend or in groups. The purpose is to pray for or against something, praying God to protect, intervene or change something. According to the Bible, in the book of Joshua chapter 6, when Joshua was leading the Israelites to the land God promised them, they had crossed the Jordon River and were instructed to conquer the land called 'Canaan'. This was the land of milk and honey that God had promised to Abraham over 500 years ago. But the obstruction was the unconquerable walled city 'Jericho'.

An excavation revealed that the fortification of Jericho featured a stone wall 14 feet wide and 11 feet high which was virtually impregnable. God gave instruction how to capture the city. An army would have to march around the city one time for 6 days, followed by seven priests bearing seven trumpets of rams' horns. On the seventh day, they have to march seven rounds. After the seventh march around the city on the seventh day, the priests would give a long blast on the rams' horns, followed by a great shout from the people. The God's instructions fell down the walls flat. The walls were collapsed by the sheer power of God, because the power of God is beyond our comprehension. Thus, they took 'Jericho', the first city on God's command. God can give us unconquerable victory. If we have the true faith and obedience, God would give us victory over the enemies that we face throughout life.

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