Haitian born neurologist, playwrighter, poet and novelist Jean Metellus

Jean Metellus is a Haitian born neurologist, a playwright, a poet and novelist. He was born in Jacmel, Haiti on April 30, 1937. He completed his education in Republic of Haiti and later became a teacher. He escaped Duvalier's dictatorship by fleeing to Paris in 1959. In Paris he studied medicine and linguistics and obtained specialization in neurology. Jean was a gifted poet by birth and wrote several poems. He sent his poems to ethnologist Michel Leiris who then advised him to send his poemes to Maurice Nadeau who as Les Lettres Nouvelles editor. Jean also sent his poems to Jean-Paul Sartre. Jean Metellus' poems were published by Maurice Nadeau in Les Lettres Nouvelles and by Jean-Paul Sarte in Les Temps Modernes. Both these publications were made in July 1969.


Jean Metellus is also a playwright and his first play Anacaona was performed at Thèâtre National de Chaillot in Paris by Antoine Vitez. Metellus believes that his caliber as a playwright cannot be and should not be compared to other playwrights simply because each one of them are different and unique. Because he advocates his people's memory, Metellus says, his plays are always politically engaged. He calls Anacaona as a political play which reflects the dispossession of Southern countries and methods that can be used to resume the history showing indebtedness to the Old World. Jean Metellus says that Anacaona is for teaching and is never a didactic play.

Jean Metellus has authored several plays, poetry, books and novels and all his books are always dedicated to his wife Anna-Marie.

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