Who is Nuria Piera, Journalist implicating Michel Martelly in Corruption?

In her report titled "The Path of Millions," Nuria Piera uncovers how money changed hands between President Michel Martelly and his close friend in the Dominican Republic through irregular awarding of contracts. In total, the president whose term is now under siege following the revelation, has received $2,587,100 from companies associated or owned by his close ally, Senator Batista through wire transfers.


Nuria Peria was born on June 29, 1962 in a family of people with a heart for journalism. She is the mother of Paola MacKiney, who she gave birth to in 2000 following a 1 year relationship with Paul McKinney, a Dominican who she divorced in 2005. After her divorce she dated Felucho Jimenez, a politician in the Dominican Republic.

Nuria Peria is a lawyer and a Journalist who brings out stories that others cannot master courage to let the public know. She first ventured into the television business through the color television program called "The Sheriff Mark," aired from 1971 to 1984. This program was directed by Mark Cordova and incorporated several other programs such as "Sunday in my City" and "The Noontime Show."

In 1987 she decided to move on to do be her own mistress in the program "Nuria in 9" which was renamed to "Nuria: Investigative Journalism" in early 2000. The initial program had a strong message to pass, especially political, religious and social messages. These were passed on in a passionate way, with strict criticism. In "Nuria in 9" she interviewed a lot of prominent Dominican personalities. The new program has incorporated new visual formats while still keeping a close touch with the original intentions.

In 1994 Nuria Peria rolled out a program called "Double Edge" in which she brought two opposing sides on the same table to discuss controversial issues on air. She ran this show until 2000.

Nuria was the recipient of the "Women of Courage" plaque from the US ambassador Raul Yzaguirre during the International Women's Day celebrations for the commendable work she has done in the Dominican Republic. Nuria Peria dedicated the plaque to all women, especially those who have no access to education and to those trapped in forced marriages. She has also been nominated for the International award. Her work has been breathtaking and courageous. She is never afraid to bring things to light, a fact which has made her to be at loggerheads with political heavyweights who have severally thrown her into prison.

Her report "The Path of Millions" was aired on March 31, 2012 on 'Nuria: Investigative Journalism" and was re-aired on April 2, 2012, on CDN Channel 37.

She was once the advisory director of the Latin American Journalism center.

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Monel says...

Loc don't me fool, The $800.000.000. you talking about on the martelly predeceso's governmenmt are considered like international's help.but the $2.587.100.00 that Michel or Michael J. Martelly got are from a foreign's particular.

I don't mind that Martelly recived money for his election.but when he continues to collect money from the same particular named Bautista after he invest the power, what do you call that;For you is good for Martelly recieved any kind of money, even thaugh drug's money or corruption's money if martelly put that dirty money toward the haitian army or in educational'system he's corrected.

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Loc says...

I respect point of view, and I respect your opinion you got a point if he received the money after the election it's illegal base on the Haitian constutition to received it, maybe he putting toward the Haitian Army, better yet toward the education system, lol thank god it's $2.5 millions not $800,000,000 million like our previous predecessor, I take that anytime, I don't mind that at all at least he is creating something positolive for the people's of

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Monel says...

Mr Loc.do you think it is legal for a president received some money after he was invest the power, the rest of money bautista supposed to give him before the election.

According to the electoral's law in those articles like 131-132-133-133.1 said;any candidat don't have right to receive more than two millions gourdes which equal at $50.000us.according to the law if you receive more than that, you have to mention that to the electoral consul.

Do you think it is legal for sweet micky Michel or Michael J. Martelly got $2.587.100 us form Bautista a senator of DR who was been jailed for corruption on Hipolito Meiya's government.

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Loc says...

I personally do see anything wrong a presidential candidate to accept contribution from from firm it is normal, Haiti is a democracy just like the USA, or should I say like America, it not illegal in American politic, why should it be illegal in

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Djojo says...

Ils sont tous des corrompus et des corrupteurs.

Haiti ne va nul part. Helas! pour ce petit peuple misérable qui croupit dans la boue et de la misère quotidienne pendant que ses dirigeants continuent a empocher des millions dans des conditions irrégulières.
Bravo messieurs les dirigeants! vous êtes tous des laureats du grand concours de corruption.

Vous aves obtenus 10/10. Bon travail pour vos sens de

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Subject: Who is Nuria Piera, Journalist implicating Michel Martelly in Corruption? edit

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