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Monel - April 5 2012, 6:23 PM

Loc don't me fool, The $800.000.000. you talking about on the martelly predeceso's governmenmt are considered like international's help.but the $2.587.100.00 that Michel or Michael J. Martelly got are from a foreign's particular.

I don't mind that Martelly recived money for his election.but when he continues to collect money from the same particular named Bautista after he invest the power, what do you call that;For you is good for Martelly recieved any kind of money, even thaugh drug's money or corruption's money if martelly put that dirty money toward the haitian army or in educational'system he's corrected.

No Bro, we haitian people we don't those kind of moneis, if Martelly got educated in drug or corruption's money, is his bussiness, don't consider haitian people like that. we got our education with our parent who working hard in agriculture to get a better education.

Bro I don't want to know the way you love Martelly, keep that money for you and the Martelly's allied for your family education.

where is the change that Martelly talking about.

I remembered the way Martelly was criticized Preval and Aristide's government for corruption.

Those guys used to do corruption in big money when they got the power, but Martelly make corruption for "PO PATAT" not even "PATAT TI SAVYEN " is ashmes man to see a president elect took $100.000 from another corromp foreign's senator named Felix Bautista.

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I respect point of view, and I respect your opinion...

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