President Martelly said not involved, denying Nuria Piera's report The Path of the Millions

President Michel Martelly totally denied the allegation of corruption on his part in the report called "The Path of the Millions", made public by the Dominican Investigative Journalist Nuria Piera. However, he did not provide all the necessary information to put the matter to rest. The response coming from the Haitian presidency is that Haiti President Michel Martelly denied all corruption charges brought against him by the Dominican press. "This is a campaign of character assassination and an attack on my integrity and to also hinder modernization and development of Haiti", replied the government.


At this time we can all conclude that President Michel Martelly is not involved "Ni de Prais, Ni de Loin" in this affair.

The Haitian president needs to come out and explain to the nation his level of involvement if any in this affair. It is important for the Haitian president to come out clean and tell the Haitian public his level of involvement.

There are some fundamental information that President Michel Martelly needs to make available to the Haitian public

1) Did President Michel Martelly receive any money from Felix Baustista: Yes or no

2) If President Michel Martelly received any money from Felix Baustista, them how much?

3) What was the purpose for giving the money to the Haitian president?

Here is a 20 minutes video report of the allegation:

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Monel says...

Mr Vital Fredaric what did you expect, they supposed to hide any shi't your persident do.I'm sorry for you because your paranoiac president sweet Micky Michel or Michael J. Martelly is a crisis and scandal's man.
May be soon you gonna have a heart attact, because sweet micky Michel or Michael J. Martelly have more scandal of corruption coming up.for example there is an investigation conduct by DEA on drug allegation, where the senator J. clerier and minister Ralph Theano was received at anse d'henault for presidential's family.

I know you love your TET KALE san bab, but is ashamed to see a president go down like that to accept $100.000 us after he was invest the power in the Bautista hand, the rest of the deal's money to sell the country in contract"pou po

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Vital Frederic says...

i dont remember the last time you post something positive the president of my country i feel like your site is byas if this is the case i dont need to receive those

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Subject: President Martelly said not involved, denying Nuria Piera's report The Path of the Millions edit

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