Michel Martelly, 3rd unsuccessful invitation to the opposition parties

Will he rule by Decree come January 2015?


President Michel Martelly, through General Secretary Yves Germain, sent a third invitation to political parties and radical opposition groups to meet and discuss a way to resolve the pre-electoral crisis. Martelly scheduled a meeting with the groups at the Karibe Convention Center and urged them ". . . to extend the new invitation to Fanmi Lavalas."

Five opposition party leaders have acknowledged receipt of the latest invitation: Levaillant Jeune of INITE; Jean Victor of MOPOD; Jonas Coffy of Ayisyen pou Ayiti; Rosemond Pradel of Fusion; and Dr. Rudolph Prudent of Kontra Pep La. They will need to confer with each other before agreeing to meet Martelly.

Opposition party Fanmi Lavalas (FL) is the holdout and looks upon the invite as nothing more than a piece of news. FL Coordinator Maryse Narcisse posits the party's ideology as a non-belief ". . . in dialogue, negotiations, or consultations . . . that the Lavalas Party is in a state of political persecution." What FL wants is to coerce the government to hold free, fair, and democratic elections.

The opposition parties' gravest concern is that Martelly could rule by Presidential decree if elections are not held by years' end. For Martelly's part, he refuses for the third time to accede to the request of the opposition parties, and list objectives to be negotiated; he wants only an open-ended discussion. What this all adds up to is each side is digging in their heels and refuses to budge.

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