Will the Anti-Martelly Protests grow to the point of removing his government from office?

It's been a hard couple of weeks for the Martelly administration. Long having to suffer the verbal slings and arrows cast against them for the past few years, in the past few weeks, the attacks have become physical in some instances as well, and the recent postponement of the people's right to vote escalated the verbal protests to a deafening pitch. Many are demanding the resignation of the country's leader, and they are not slight in their number.


On June 10, 2014, Martelly signed a decree putting the date for elections as October 26, 2014, it was then announced in the middle of August, that that date would be postponed. On October 17, a protest ensued with tens of thousands of participants, calling for their right to elections, but this incident, coupled with others, was given as evidence of the type of political instability Martelly cited as the excuse for the postponement of the scheduled elections when, on October 26, he once again announced it was called off.

That day, temperatures boiled to a fever pitch, and while there were violent clashes, culminating in the use of force by security personnel, the demonstrators used symbolism as their mightiest weapon. Voter IDs in hand, many took to the now defunct polling stations, showing their willingness to vote. They, upon not being permitted to cast their vote for their senatorial leadership, among other public offices, demanded to be handed the keys to the National Palace.

What seems to be an even bigger strike against President Michel Martelly was evidenced in the chant of the crowd that labeled him a "vagabond" that was forced upon the country by the international community.

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Subject: Will the Anti-Martelly Protests grow to the point of removing his government from office? edit

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