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Michel Tassy of the Orchestre Septentrional is dead

We just learned the death of a great musician. Former lead vocalist Michel Tassy of the Orchestre Septentrional has passed away. He was the oldest active member of the band.

Michel Tassy started with Septentrional in 1963 when the band was just 15 years old. he has remained with them until his death. He was also the vice president of Septentrional organization, a group that has been involved and contributing in many aspects of the society.

He will join some of the great names in the band and the history of Haitian music such as Roger Colas and Ulrick Pierre-Louis just to name a few.

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Famous Brazilian singer Nelson Ned, passed away

This is a sad news to announce. A great Brazilian singer known by many Haitians Nelson Ned d'Ávila Pinto, mostly known as Nelson Ned, passed away today, Sunday, January 05, in Sao Paulo. He died of clinical complications of pneumonia and bladder problems.

Nelson Ned is known by Haitians and others as The Little Giant". The man was just was just 3 feet, 6 inches tall; however he was a giant in music. Among some great international superstars such as alberto Bertran and Roberto Ledesma that Orchestre Septentrional accompanied, the Haitian group also accompanied Nelson Ned during his visit in Haiti some time ago.

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Award Ceremony, Best Performers at Haiti National Carnival 2013

Haitian Minister of Culture, Josette Darguste awarded the winners of National Carnival, 2013 during the award ceremony held at Ibo Lele hotel. The award ceremony was marked by the presence of President Michel Martelly along with Sophia Martelly (his wife), Minister of Tourism, Stéphanie Villedrouin. Various other big-shot personalities were also present at the award ceremony. The three winners of the National Carnival were:

• Anbyans - received the 'Award of originality in the creation'.
• Djakout #1 - received the 'Award of best popular animation'.
• Orchestre Septentrional - received the 'Award of the perfomance'.

The winners were awarded with USD 15,000 check each. The groups Barikad, Zatrap, Team Lobey, T-Micky and T-vice were awarded with medals while Fils, Vorbes and NATCOM were awarded with certificates for the invaluable support they provided to National Carnival Cap-Haitien 2013.

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