Brief Political Career of Rosalvo Bobo

Rosalvo Bobo became a Haitian revolutionary and government official as America and Europe entered World War I. Although educated as a physician and attorney, his strong political views and dominant personality led him to seek power in Haitian politics.


In 1914, Haiti had been a free republic for a decade, having won its independence from France. But it had not been successful as a stable government, having witnessed a turnover of three presidents in less than two years.

Near the end of 1914, Rosalvo Bobo led a military invasion on a prison holding detainees, which failed, forcing him to find sanctuary at the German embassy. After five days secreted, Bobo reappeared, announcing he was leading a rebellion to unseat President Oreste Zamor from office. He was successful and Davilmar Theodore came into power. Theodore named Bobo Secretary of State of the Interior and Commander of the Haitian police. However, both Bobo and Theodore's time in power was cut short.

By early 1915, Joseph Davilmar Theodore was overthrown due to U.S. interference. Vibrun Sam was then installed. Displaced, Rosalvo Bobo returned to lead the rebellion against Sam, assassinated in office in July 1915. Rosalvo Bobo coveted the presidency and planned to run for it.

But the U.S. intervened as it occupied the island. Commander William Caperton viewed Rosalvo Bobo as a threat to U.S. interests and installed his choice, Philippe Dartiguenave, into office instead. Bobo responded with a defiant attitude, claiming he would rather have been draped in the Haitian flag and interred in Haitian soil as suffer the U.S. Occupation.

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