Did the revelations of Oriel Jean help or hurt Jean Dominique Case?

The revelations made by Oriel Jean on the assassination of Jean Dominique was shocking. There were many damaging revelations made by the deceased that are supposed to bring some lights into the case and eventually bring justice to Jean Dominique case. However, that is not the case. The decision of Guyler C. Delva to release the tape of the interview on this day, and under these circumstances left many with unanswered questions.


Oriel Jean who was the security chief for President Jean Bertrand Aristide from from 2001 to 2003 was assassinate by armed individuals on Monday, March 2nd, 2015 in Delmas. He is an ex convicted from US prison. Oriel was convicted to spend 30 years in US prison but managed to spend only three years after some inside deals with the US government.

Many think that Oriol had to give a lot in order to get his sentences reduced by 30 years, from thirty years to only three years.

What about the effect of this interview on the actual case of Jean Dominique? does that help?

No, it doesn't.

This is an error on the part of Guyler C.delva; that is if ye was really after justice for Jean Dominique. Why this kind of revelation on the exact week when the political season starts in Haiti?

Guy hurts the case of Jean Dominique by not allowing justice to take its course

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Subject: Did the revelations of Oriel Jean help or hurt Jean Dominique Case? edit

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