Oriel Jean got his house worth of $400,000 back on government deal

As usual, things are never that simple. We just learned that there was a deal between Oriel Jean and the government where his house was returned to him after being possessed by the government. The house is evaluated at $400,000 US.


According to Valery Numa of Radio Vision 2000. Oriel Jean spent prison time in the US as he ahs been singled out by the US government during his jod as the security chief for Jean Bertrand Aristide. He spent time in US Prison and was released after cooperating with the US government.

As a normal practice, once you are convicted of certain crimes, the Haitian Government takes possession of your property. That was the case for Oriel Jean as well. However, according to Valery Numa, Oriel Jean was allowed to enter into a deal with the government where he was able to take possession of one of his properties which is estimated at $400,000

What did Oriel Jean do or give for that sweet deal?

Kreyol Pale, Kreyol Kompran

Oriel Jean te reprann lakay li ki vo valè de $ 400,000 anba yon kontra gouvènman

Nou jis aprann ke te gen yon antant ant Oriel Jean ak gouvènman an pou li te reprann kay li apre yo te fin posede pa gouvènman an. Kay sa evalye nan $ 400,000 US.

Dapre Valery Numa nan Radyo Vizyon 2000. Oriel Jean te pase prizon nan peyi Etazini, gouvènman te pran kay li. Yo kite li reprann kay sa

Ki sa Oriel Jean te fè oswa bay pou sa?

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Li klè tankou dlo kokoye ke yon sèten Pè defroké te fè touye Jounalis Jean Dominik! A la koze

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Subject: Oriel Jean got his house worth of $400,000 back on government deal edit

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