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Is Michel Martelly planning on the dissolution of Parliament?

As several members of Haiti Senate went public in their opposition to the choice of Bernard Gousse as Prime Minister, President Michel Martelly went on attack against them. There is a rumor that the president might attempt the dissolution of the Haitian Parliament if his Prime Minister nominee is not approved.

Senator Edwin Zenny who was traveling with Michel Martelly accused the other Senator of attempting to negotiate the ratification of the new Prime Minister based on personal interest. The president also wants the Senators to remember that he sign their paychecks.

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Swearing of Parliament suspended due to transparency problem by Provisional Electoral Council, CEP

One Monday, the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) informed the public that in the best interest of the nation, they will not publish the results for the 19 legislative races. He wants to provide some transparency into the process.

I guess that the swearing of the parliament members that was scheduled for yesterday, April 25, is not to be.

Are we having another recount?

Oh No, we don't need that....

Mr. "Blanc" is once again here to help and to create some discipline here. On the request of president Rene Preval, the Organization of American States (OAS), will take charge of the situation by evaluating what happened and bring some sense into it.

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