$4,5 millions Petrocaribe fund spent on Polaris not delivered

The corruption regarding PetroCaribe fund does not seem to be ending any time soon. More stuff are being discovered each day. The latest discovery is a $4,5 millions dollars spent by the Martelly government to equip Haiti National Police with some Polaris vehicles to facilitate movement. According to Senator Youri Latortue on Radio Scoop FM yesterday, none of the vehiches were deliverd to the PNH. The information was furnished by the actual Policer chief, Mchel Ange Gedeon.


The only Polaris vehicles in possession of the PNH are 20 given by the Canadian Embassy. These fund were released at the time Evans Paul was Prime Minister.


$ 4,5 milyon fon Petrocaribe te pase sou Polaris pa te delivwe

Koripsyon konsènan Fon PetroCaribe pa sanble yo ap fini. Plis bagay ape dekouvri chak jou. Dènye dekouvèt la se yon $ 4,5 milyon dola ki te depanse pa gouvènman Martelly pou te ekipe Polis Nasyonal ak kèk machin Polaris pou fasilite mouvman. Dapre Senatè Youri Latortue sou Radyo Skoup FM yè , pa youn nan vehiches yo te deliverd bay PNH.

Sel machin Polaris nan posesyon PNH la se 20 Polaris ke anbasad la Kanadyen an the bay yo. Fon sa yo te lage nan moman Evans Paul te Premye Minis.

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Subject: $4,5 millions Petrocaribe fund spent on Polaris not delivered edit

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