From once worst enemies, LAPEH now wants to join PHTK in government protest

Haiti is unique in many aspects. However, in the are of politic, no other countries can even come close. After years of fighting the Martelly government, now we are in the process of witnessing one of the most famous reunion. LAPEH is actually contemplating the possibility to join forces with PHTK to fight the government of Jocelerme Privert.


Jean Hector Anacacis who is the Coordinator of the Alternative League for Progress of Haiti (LAPEH) indicated that his party has the same concerns with PHTK as to the willingness for Jocelerme Privert to conduct elections. He also stated that LAPEH may have to get together with PHTK to exercise pressure on Privert to hold the second round of elections.

Although Privert is far from being innocent in all that; however, we can all conclude that in Haiti the problem with our politicians is lack of vision. Our politicians are suffering from a lack of leadership capability. May be it is the result of our slave heritage or the 30 years spent under the Duvalier regime. Haitians can't get together to solve the challenges they face; however, they will always be present for destruction. Haitians are not Time oriented but rather event oriented. Our politicians who are good for nothing, will always be ready to exploit their situation and ignorance.

"My fellow Haitians, ask not what you can do for your country; rather ask what your country can do for you"

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Subject: From once worst enemies, LAPEH now wants to join PHTK in government protest edit

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