Pierre Louis Opont and the imposed 2010 election results

In an interview with Valery Numa of Radio Vision 2000 on July 2, 2015, the actual President of the CEP, Mr. Pierre Louis Opont stated publicly as he has done in the past that the election results on the first round were different than the ones he published. The decision was imposed on him. Mr. Opont went on to explain that he felt obligated to go along with that particular decision to declare the wrong candidate as the winner because as he stated, he wanted to avoid a blood bath


To put it simply, our current President Michel Martelly was not qualified to go to the run-off election. If it was not for Mr Pierre Louis Opont who accepted to ignore the wishes of the Haitian population but instead agreed to plot with some foreign interests against them, we would have had a different president. Our president today would have been either Mirlande Manigat or Jude Célestin.

I don't know about you but I have major problem with the position taken by Pierre Louis Opont. Unfortunately, he did not see anything wrong with the position taken. Mr. Opont argued that he had to weight the possible consequences before making a decision. He even advised Valery Numa not to occupy any position with major responsibilities in the government if he is unable to understand the reasons why he reacted the way he did.

If I had to accept the position of Pierre Louis Opont after he was instructed to publish wrong election results does that mean morality does not exist in the government and that ethic, dignity, self-respect are all out of the window?

Is this Haitians in positions of power are willing to do anything to keep that power?

If that is the case, therefore it is very sad

What is your position in this.? do you think that Pierre Louis acted responsibly by not making public the issue public at the time?

Do you see him as someone with a character problem?

Do you think this could have happened anywhere?

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James Morrell says...

Unfortunately, Mr. Opont has merely confused the issue with his latest declarations.

Here's what happened.

In the days before the announcement of results on December 10, 2010, the Tabulation Center ranked the three top candidates so: Manigat, Martelly, Célestin.

It discarded a certain amount of fraudulent votes from each to reach this result.

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Julio De Castro says...

This very sad for our first black Republic of the

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Paul Jeudi says...

Haiti is the victim of the neocolonialism and neoliberalism movement and until this policy vis-a-vis Haiti changes, we will remain poor. Just to have a good understanding of what the neocolonialistr and neoliberalism movement is. These are basic economic and political realities of today where some Western nations with some institutions established by them such as the International Monetary Fund for instance would pressure poor countries often with corrupt governments to squeeze the local local mean of production.

They pressure small manufacturers and small farmers by cutting tariffs on imports and make the local economy become dependent by allowing the local markets to be flooded by foreign products.

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Jean Savin says...

The international community always talks about cooperation with Haiti.

It is usually in that context that they often impose themselves on us. Thee is this memorable phrase I still remember from Barack Obama who recently stated in a pres conference after Russia's annexation of Crimea.

The American president admitted that US enjoys considerable influence over his neighbors.

"We generally don't need to invade them in order to have a strong cooperative relationship with them, said Obama.

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Dady Levec says...

As you can see having a new CEP for every election in Haiti doesn't work. We have people who come to do a job and probably willing to make some money in the process.

As a result, we end up with people without any conviction or character like Pierre Louis Opont.

If we can establish a Permanent Electoral Council with some good citizens, we will have a better chance to avoid these kind of problems in the future

Being a Puppet working for a foreign entity is not restricted to the Executive branch only. As it is the case in Haiti, whether they are Senators, Deputies, Police chief, or anywhere in the government, many still receive their checks working for foreign government and against the Haitian people who voted them in. They are selling Haiti the moment they have the chance.

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Janor Dorestan says...

After listening to Pierre Louis Opont, I feel that no big things can be expected from Haiti.

The country doesn't have any future because of one reason.

We do not have Haitians who believe in that country.

How can you imagine the president of an electoral body decided to ignore the wishes of the citizens and agree with some foreign conspirators to select the president for his country?

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