Haiti, victim of the neocolonialism and neoliberalism movement

Paul Jeudi - July 3 2015, 10:48 AM

Haiti is the victim of the neocolonialism and neoliberalism movement and until this policy vis-a-vis Haiti changes, we will remain poor. Just to have a good understanding of what the neocolonialistr and neoliberalism movement is. These are basic economic and political realities of today where some Western nations with some institutions established by them such as the International Monetary Fund for instance would pressure poor countries often with corrupt governments to squeeze the local local mean of production.

They pressure small manufacturers and small farmers by cutting tariffs on imports and make the local economy become dependent by allowing the local markets to be flooded by foreign products.

In the meantime, foreign productors receive incentives like tax-free zones, to produce cheap goods through the creation of sweatshops

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