Community restaurants North of Haiti "Gouvènman an lakay ou"

Sustained on contributions of 10 gourdes, the community restaurant project, run in 11 community restaurants across the country, serves 500 hot meals between Monday and Friday at each establishment. On the occasion of the Gouvènman an lakay ou's 3rd edition, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor (MAST), Charles Jean Jacques, gave a rousing speech in which he underscored the benefit of these community restaurants to the country.


As such, 7 more of these restaurants are to be opened as part of a larger development plan for the north of Haiti. These will add to the number located in places such as: Nan Banann, Morne Rouge, Plaisance, Limonade, Fort-Bourgeois, Limbé, Fourgeolle and Grande Rivière du Nord. Three of the new restaurants were opened up in Milot, Petite-Anse et à Carrefour des Père as part of the commemoration of the 210th anniversary of the Battle of Vertières.

Taking the purpose of the restaurants a step further, Minister Jean Jacques supplied that they will try out a single kitchen model, where they will practice methods that should help foster the development of entrepreneurial behavior among those in the most susceptible communities. He also reminded those present at the ceremony of the government's initiative to open bakeries across Haiti with the same purpose of creating professionals within the field.

As for the restaurants, offering 5,500 meals, prepared hot within the hygienic conditions of the kitchens housed at the eateries, the offering goes a long way to ameliorating the situation of the poverty stricken, fighting hunger one meal at a time.

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