Government meeting in Pointe-à-Raquette, La Gonâve

Recently, led by the president of the republic, a government meeting took place in La Gonâve in the town of Pointe-à-Raquette. The aim of the meeting was to discuss ways to provide the entire country, but in particular the many communes, with the necessary tools for development. The group also discussed the supervision of the development within areas and the way in which inter-ministerial duties will be delegated.


The meeting, chaired by the Ministry of Planning and External Cooperation (MPCE), was also attended by Minister for the Promotion of the Peasantry, Mimose Félix, the deputy of La Gonâve, Béguens Théus, various representatives from the Health and Agriculture ministries, members of the Economic and Social Assistance Fund (FAES), and the Minister Delegate in charge of Human Rights and the fight against extreme poverty, Rose Anne Auguste. The team used to visit to listen to the 50 locals of the area, using their aired grouses to develop their plans for improvement in the area.

The issues raised by the residents mirrored those from a similar meeting with the people of Anse-à-Galets recently. The residents asked that immediate police intervention be funded by the government where maritime transport is concerned. They also requested the bolstering of the organization for fishermen in the areas of technical and financial support as well as training. They would also like a local restaurant in their town.

The residents would also appreciate the building of high schools in the area, the development of their transportation system, public lighting and improvement in the field of health care.

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