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Elections canceled in the city of Port-a-Piment

The has not been any official information yet regarding the result of the election that took place on August 9 except for one thing, the elections in Port-à-Piment has been cancelled due to irregularities in the vote count.

According to Mr. Jacceus Joseph who is an Adviser to Electoral Council, the decision to cancel vote count for the commune of Port-à-Piment legislative elections after observing irregularities at several voting centers. A make-up election will be announced shortly

What do you think?

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Port-a-Piment Millennium Village Research Center

Port-à-Piment is a metro area, located in the Southwest Department in Haiti, part of the Coteaux Arrondissement. A serene town, it was originally developed as an unincorporated area first known as Prickly, established in 1700. Two communes comprise Port-à-Piment, Paricot and Broomsticks, and the population numbers 36,800 residents.

Port-à-Piment has a fairly well-developed infrastructure by Haitian standards. It contains more than half a dozen elementary schools, a high school, and two universities. But these institutions are run with crumbling buildings, a scant number of textbooks, and too many students to each teacher. Healthcare services could also be improved. They are provided by a single medical facility staffed by three physicians, two nurses, five medical assistants and a lab worker. A Public Health and Population Department is soon to be opened.

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Port-A-Piment and The River That Runs Through

The town of Port-a-Piment in the Sud Department is one the municipalities where the Rivieres de Port a Piment goes through. There are about 13,900 people living in Port-a-Piment and they get affected when the river overflows. It is common for the river to cause floods during the rainy season. When it happens, the dirt roads become submerged, making it impossible for people to use them. Roads are often closed down when the river overflows.

It can be recalled that in 2011, two people were reported to have been swept away when the river overflowed. Around 70 families in the villages of Chantal and Corteaux were also affected by the disaster, which destroyed their homes. During that time, people were forced to relocate.

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