Port-à-Piment Millennium Village Research Center

Port-à-Piment is a metro area, located in the Southwest Department in Haiti, part of the Coteaux Arrondissement. A serene town, it was originally developed as an unincorporated area first known as Prickly, established in 1700. Two communes comprise Port-à-Piment, Paricot and Broomsticks, and the population numbers 36,800 residents.


Port-à-Piment has a fairly well-developed infrastructure by Haitian standards. It contains more than half a dozen elementary schools, a high school, and two universities. But these institutions are run with crumbling buildings, a scant number of textbooks, and too many students to each teacher. Healthcare services could also be improved. They are provided by a single medical facility staffed by three physicians, two nurses, five medical assistants and a lab worker. A Public Health and Population Department is soon to be opened.

An infrastructure weakness of Port-à-Piment is its watersheds, subject to heavy downpours and hurricane activity. The adverse weather has created serious soil erosion and flooding. The Earth Institute (EI), along with new partner W.K. Kellogg Foundation (WKKF), is conducting a watershed project in Port-à-Piment's new Millennium Village. EI and WKKF will install measuring devices to calculate rainfall and weather patterns. Statistics will then be compiled to help develop projects to improve the quality of drinking water and combat cholera.

Port-à-Piment's Millennium Village has been developed as a research center, funded for $150,798. It will target a broad spectrum of Port-à-Piment sectors: health, education, sanitation, agriculture, disaster risk monitoring and other areas in need of attention.

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