Haitian Government might just use "Public Utility" to steal property

Since last Sunday, the Haitian Government has been busy with its demolition crew in the streets of Port-au-prince. A large area of the Capital has been declared of "public utility". In another way, the Haitian government will take possession of your land and building if it was located in the designated area and you will be compensated based on a rate set by the government itself.


According to a plan reveloped immediately after the 2010 earthquake, the Haitian government would transform a specific area in downtown Port-au-Prince into a beautiful and attractive location. It is expected to become a one stop shop or in this one location, the people will be able to receive their government services and participate in some recreational activities, such as going to a movies or restaurant. The government is even looking at major Hotels to come and build in the area. There will be many stores for the shopping public as well.

This is just beautiful stuff. Who could be against the idea of making Port-au-Prince more attractive and creating an environment that could bring more tourist to Haiti?

Wait a minute!

There is one major problem here. The Haitian law clearly stated that the only way the Haitian Government could take away someone's property under "public utility" is only when the objective is to the benefit of the population.

So if the Haitian government decides to take my home from me under "public utility" and turns around and give it to a developer, someone with deep pocket, to build stores, restaurant or hotels, this will be to the interest of that particular businessman, and not necessarily the benefit of the population.

If that is the case, would it be fair to me?

Kreyol Pale, Kreyol Kompran.....

Mezanmi, nou tande ke gouvenman-an tombe ap kraze Port-au-Prince. Yo ape mache pran Tè moun, ap de se "Piblik Itilite" et ke yo gin dwa.

Gin de moun ki jwen yon ti pousyè lajan, Jin lok ki pa ka jwen di tou paseke yo pa gin bon papye tè-a.

Mezanmi, pou ravaj ke Tranblema de ter, syklon, dife, dlow fè nan kay moun, kote moun sa yo aprale jwen Papye Tè?

Bo, Kite Kantik, pran priyè, se ki sa yo prale fè ak terrin sa yo minm? Nou pa panse se pou gro zotobre ale ouvè gro magazin, Hotels ak restoran pou yo fè plis lajan.

Et ti malare ke yo te pran kay yo-a? yo ka paka minm achte yon ranplasman

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Ricclavie says...

Avan goudou goudou ané 2010 ke nou tout pran ak anpil tristès, te gin yon gro derapaj ki te kowmanseman nan ané1986-98: koté anpil moun kouri akaparé tè, é lot propryeté moun ki te absan (sou tout form) nan peyi a. Min sonjé Port-Au-Prince te poté nom li ak respè, konfidans, dignité...

Rebati PAP se yon rèv ki ta kapab vini yon realité.

Yon kay toujou bezwen yon bèl

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Subject: Haitian Government might just use "Public Utility" to steal property edit

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