Haitian government taking possession of downtown Port-au-Prince, public utility

The government of Haiti has been striving hard to take possession of the sites and spaces in downtown Port-au-Prince which had been declared as public utility in an effort to establish an administrative city to be constructed in the devastated capital in the downtown area. However, this has been met with criticism and opposition from different quarters, especially the owners of these utilities.


According to Michel Présumé, who is the Secretary of State for Planning, the government has taken proper measures to make sure that the interests of all stakeholders, including the owners, have been taken into consideration. He added that the compensation money has been set aside for the process. Those who will comply with the law and provide necessary documentation will be compensated.

According to the report by Haitian Caribbean News Network (HCNN), Presumé said that the government has US$40 million which is expected to be paid to those who followed legal requirements, showing proper ownership of the properties. He called on owners of properties in downtown Port-au-Prince to follow the proper legal processes that have already been discussed and exposed to them over a year ago so that they can receive their compensation.

In 2010, an earthquake destroyed thousands of homes in the capital and left around 300,000 residents killed and about 1.5 million homeless.

This project initiative by relevant State authorities to demolish buildings in these areas under public utility, by the government for the implementation of this initiative, has created panic among owners, especially those that have been reluctant to comply with the legal requirements regarding the expropriation of their properties.

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Subject: Haitian government taking possession of downtown Port-au-Prince, public utility edit

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