Breaking News!!! - Major fire close to Marche du Port in Port-au-Prince

It has been report of a major fire that is currently burning near Port-au-Prince harbor. The damage so far has been considerable. According to several radio stations in the Haitian capital, several cars have already been consumed by the fire, including merchandises. The report also indicated that there are lost of lives due to the fire; however, they are unable to count the number of fatalities.


As usually, the report indicated that local fire Department was very late in responding to this fire. That also contributed to the gravity of the situation

Stay tuned with us. As we have more information, we will be updating this page. Also, if you have additional information that could contribute to this report, feel free to add in the comment section of this article

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Jean Robert M says...

Politic yen Aysyen renminbi pram Cohan

So nou te nan yon payi serie, moun sa yo ki na pouvwa a tap bay demisyon yo Lontan

Problem la se pa politics yen yo, min se moun yo ki pa Lonnie devwa politics yen

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Martine R says...

Why are there so many unnecessary deaths during a fire?

As it was the case in the recent fire at the port that killed 3 people in Port-au-Prince, Careless disposal of smoking materials is the number cause

Another reason is lack of automatic sprinkler.

It is estimated that more than 50% of fire deaths could have been prevented with the installation of an automatic fire sprinkler system

Other factors include Fire overloads, candles, halogen lamps, unattended cooking, and electrical overloads

Tampering or ignoring a fire

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Mario S says...

Fire gets Hot and dangerous quickly

Can you imagine for a moment you just wake-up and faced with an out of control fire?

In many occasions, fire kills because of negligence or lack of emergency preparation

Some of the most dangerous aspects of a fire:

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Danise says...

Many people in Haiti receive burns or get kill in a fire not because they were unable to scape the fire. They become victim usually because of greed.

Some people try to save their belonging or see the fire as an opportunity to get materials.

These people need to realize that wHen a fire occurs, there is little time to escape.

A fire can spread by doubling its size in seconds.

In less then 30 seconds, a fire can rage out of

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Josette Louisaint says...

Ti Machan yo Selman ki pedi ak Dife Sa. Presidan ak Premie Minis ap Vini visite e yap promet yo Tout bagay, E Pi Se Tou.

Apre Ou Pape Tande Pesonn Anko.

Min Gouvenman sa pap janm pran responsablite li pou li di moin te sipose mete youn system pou pa kite bagay konsa rive anko

Se pa premye Dife ki boule mache an Ayiti.

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Reymond Pap says...

It is not the Iron Market or Market Hyppolite.

The fire took place at the Maritime and Navigation Service in the Marche du Port. It was also reported just as it is stated here that 3 people had died and were injured as a result of the fire. And as usually, Haitian firefighters were the last to arrive.

It was also noted that an explosion of Clorox and fertilizer caused the fire. Again this is typical to

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Kernizan Jn Bart says...

We will continue to pay a huge price for our inability to plan and manage our lives.

I heard that the fire somehow was ignited through a combustible combination of Clorox and fertilizer.

Does the Haitian government conduct regular

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Jiji Lorent says...

How come people in Haiti do not believe in fire prevention?

Can you imagine all these people doing business in one place and there is no provision in case there is a fire.

Haitian always live base on the principle of:

"Bon Die

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