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Wanito and his popular song Gadon Re-v or M' VleParenn

Wanito has released a new album called "BiyografiMwen" However, most people know the song as M' Vle Parenn. It is quite amazing to see the number of people in Haiti who could sing the entire song by heart. I was in a show recently performed by Wanito. Throughout the audience, you could hear people screaming: "M' Vle Parenn", Wanito "M' Vle Parenn". It was not actually until Wanito decided to play the song Gadon Re-v that I realized how much people love the song.

The song "Gadon Re-v" or "M' Vle Parenn"for most. The title of the original song on youtube is "M' VleParenn". The song depicts the stress, anxiety, confusion, and fear that comes with the news of having a woman pregnant in Haiti, especially when you're just a young boy living with your parents and not ready to assume such responsibilities. Luckily for Wanito, it was just a dream, a nightmare as he describes in the song. The story is very relevant in our culture; both boys and girls can relate to it. The humorous aspect of the song makes listening to it even more enjoyable." He described the album with each song being given priority.

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Life Sentence for Haitian Man who got 9 year old Haitian girl pregnant

Authorities in West palm Beach County, Florida, reported that Datilus who is from Haiti impregnated a Haitian girl in 2009 who were 9 years old at the time. He received a life sentence last Wednesday which will give him plenty of time to think about his crime.

The "Haitian Joudalist" learned that the impregnated girl already gave birth to the baby. She carried her child full term and delivered the baby after she turned ten. The father of the impregnated child did not know about the pregnancy until he took her for a routine medical check-up.

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