FRASH - Protest following Jude Celestin News conference

A Protest organized by supporters of several presidential candidates this afternoon was folded by Cimo who threw gas to dispers the crowd. The protest started around delmas 60, following a conference to the media given by candidate Jude Celestin, rejecting the preliminary election results. Tire were burning in areas around the capital. The protesters removed all campaign pictures belonging to the PHTK candidate Jovenel Moise along the way, until they were


MUSIC VIDEO: Politisyen Aysyen by Farah Juste

One group was coming from Rue timace, another group was comiong from Carrefour feuille. One well recognized person taking part of the protest was Ikolan from the famous Rap Kreyòl band Barikad Crew. The crowd was estimated at several thousands.

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Subject: FRASH - Protest following Jude Celestin News conference edit

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