Boniface Alexandre, the 54th President of Haiti

Boniface Alexandre the 54th President of Haiti assumed office in the year 2004 and stepped down in the year 2006. He took over the post from Jean-Bertrand Aristide and he was succeeded by Rene Preval. Born on 31st 1936, he was groomed by his uncle, the first Prime Minister Martial Celestin of Haiti.


Honest Chief Justice

Boniface Alexandre was known for his honesty amidst the corrupt system of Haiti. He was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court when Jean-Bertrand Aristide fled the country. Within six hours he took charge of the country and declared himself as the President

Jean-Bertrand Aristide had to resign as there was continuous violence in this Caribbean Island. So when Boniface Alexandre took over it was not an easy task. He urged his countrymen to restrain from violence and ensure peaceful times.

Intervention of the Parliament

Though Boniface Alexandre declared himself as the next President, the Haitian Constitution called for a parliamentary approval and with that he served the Presidential term for two years. This was not the first time that Haiti was seeking a parliament approval of the President.

Amnesty International did not see his term as a successful one. He was said to have used excessive police force to quell uprisings. His honest image did not make an impact at the international level.

Entrance via Coup and Exit through Elections

Executions without proper investigations, increase in killings and kidnappings, violence against women and a partial break down of the judicial system were reported during Boniface Alexandre's tenure. It was only a foregone conclusion that a fresh election would bring in a new President.

On May 14th 2006 Boniface Alexandre gave up his office to Rene Preval who was the winner of the 2006 Presidential election of Haiti. A coup made him the president and a democratic election made Boniface Alexandre step down from the post of the President of Haiti.

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