Judge Joseph Nerette, Haiti Provisional President

Joseph Nerette was born on April 9th in the year 1924. He lived for 83 years and his life saw many ups and downs. He was popular Haitian judge and had a long political career which culminated as the President of Haiti.


Provisional President

Joseph Nérette was the 48th president of Haiti. While he served his term as the president of Haiti Jean-Jacques Honorat was the Prime Minister. He was a provisional president of Haiti as the actual power rested with the military.

The military was headed by Michel Francois and Raoul Cedras who were really powerful leaders. As the power rested with the military there were no major changes initiated by Joseph Nérette as a president of Haiti.

Military the Actual Rulers

Joseph Nerette was succeeded by Marc Louis Bazin who was also the acting president as the military was still powerful. Though Bazin became the president it took a while for other countries to accept him as he became a default president.

Therefore Joseph Nérette and Marc Louis Bazin were acting presidents and it happened for two consecutive terms - that was the power of the military for many years. With the military in total control there were hardly any progressive reforms.

A Judge and a Politician

When the foreign relations began deteriorating, the military had to reconsider their stand and agreed for free elections. The US had a major role in the functioning of the Haitian government for many years.

Guerda Jean-Baptiste was the wife of Joseph Nérette who was with him through his political career and judicial career. On April 29th 2007, Joseph Nérette died of lung cancer.

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