Richard Auguste Morse a Politician of Questionable Integrity

Richard Auguste Morse (birthdate 1957) is of Puerto Rican and American parentage, his father an academic and mother a noted Haitian music artist. He attended Princeton University, where he became a musician, singing music popular during the 80s. By 1985, conflicts in his personal and professional lives led him to re-settle in Port-au-Prince. He managed a decrepit hotel there, where he eventually formed RAM, a mizik rasin group. He also met his future wife, Lunise, who became a member of RAM.


Morse's political views are subject to un-predictable shifts in his allegiances to political parties and movements. Initially, he supported Jean-Bertrand Aristide, a pro-democracy politician. One of Morse's songs, "Fèy", became an underground expression of support for Aristide's Lavalas political party. But by the mid-90s, Morse, disappointed in Aristide's effectiveness as a leader, switched allegiances and became a vocal supporter of his cousin, Michel Martelly, who appointed him as his special advisor when Martelly came to power in 2011.

Recently, Morse, objecting to many of Martelly's policies, finally severed his ties with him. A political chameleon, he has been well-thought of in progressive organizations, prior to his allegiance to Martelly. Morse has had a history of being dissatisfied with one or another political party, whether right or left. Not content to abide Martelly's refusal to heed Morse's ideas, he has become a free agent again, ripe for the picking by any politician, who strokes Morse's intellectual ego until Morse discovers the political winds have shifted, no longer favoring his views.

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Val says...

i do not get it how is richard morse a descendent of puerto ricans american and haitian.

i understand his mom was haitian what was his dad?

2) how is Martelly his cousin, i do not think so they are real

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