Haiti Rate Of Homicide Compared To other Caribbean Countries

In Haiti, there are a lot of false ideas related to security in comparison to the rest of the Caribbean. It is felt that the rate of homicides is high which alarm everyone.


Effect Of Giving Importance To Homicides
Fed up with this kind of information, the opposition makes claims regarding the instability of the government in ensuring safety to organizations related to human rights as well as citizens of Haiti. The recent warnings being updated by Canada and the United Statese, only create a further bad impression.

A lot of importance has been given to homicides so much so that everyone seems convinced of the same. In such a condition where security is not guaranteed, it is difficult to develop the tourism sector which prevents business development.

Restoring The Truth
If the real truth has to be restored, then it is vital to be objective the balance sheet figures through the year. The UNODC - United Nations Office on Drug and Crime USA has conducted the Global Study On Homicide 2011. It states that Haiti ranks 5th in homicide rate per 100,000 population out of 22 countires. This homicide rate is considered as a big obstcle in development of tourism in Haiti.

This is considered as false since four of the countries located in the Caribbean area inlcuding Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Peurto Rico and Bahamas have a large number of homicide victims, but still have a high rate of tourists visiting the countries. These four countries are considered the best destinations for tourists in the Caribbean.

Efforts By Haitian Government
Laurent Lamothe, Prime Minister of Haiti and an experienced businessman himself made a declaration last week that figures reported in the media need to be taken up with caution.

Companies need to be constituted fast so that investors in Haiti do not get discouraged soon. The Haitian government should give priortity to maximum safety of citizens of Haiti even if this may not be 100% possible.

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