Basketball to Be Promoted In Haiti under the Help of Clinton and Jim Boistic

Former basketball player with the Yonkers, Jim Boistic, has shown his interest to promote basketball games in Haiti. He said that he had met with the former US president, Bill Clinton and discussed how they would help in promoting the athletics teams in Haiti. The Yonkers icon said that his first time interest over Haiti was when the great earthquake struck Haiti in 2010. At that time he was aiming to rebuild a Christian academy which had been struck by earthquake which was owned by the Christ army tabernacle.


Jim Boistic's recent visit to Haiti since the time of earthquake came some few days back with another program which aimed at reviving Haiti National Basketball. The program is scheduled to last for four days beginning on June 25-29. He held several basketball clinics at the Quisqueya Christian School where he taught some basics in coaching and playing. He said that his aim was to train and have young talented players who would revive the hope of Haiti. He also said that his goal was also to give the youths the right tools which are essential for making them successful in life. However, the program has to take about two years before it reached its full completion.

Jim Boistic presence in Haiti was met with a combination of welcome as well as resistance from some people. Those who objected his program were mostly some players and coaches who argued that they had taken long time to learn how to play. He answered them in a jovial manner saying that it doesn't depend on how long one has ever played but the right thing is that people will have to continue learning.

In the end, there was a fundraising which was meant to take 200 children in a summer camp and $3,500 was raised. There was another fundraising that was held to help orphans which helped to raise an additional of $1,500. Both fundraisings were held in the honor of Jim Boistic and Rev. James Hassel from Kingdom Baptist Church in Yonkers.

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