Dominicans are getting self-destructive, we should help them

Since the late 1960s when Haiti and the Dominican Republic had similar economy, the Dominican has been implementing a policy focused on economic development. One major section of that economic plan was the development of their tourism industry.


It has worked!

Thanks to its booming tourism industry, the Dominican Republic has become an economic superpower in the Caribbean, leaving its neighbor Haiti still seating in that economic misery called poverty.

However, there is one error the Dominicans are in the process of making, something that usually happen to many as they are becoming used to prosperity which is entitlement.

Some of the Dominicans, as it would be the case for many spoiled reach kids who are born into wealth and did not make the sacrifices to built it, are becoming arrogant. Suddenly, they feel superior in comparison to the poor kids and feel that they can not be associated with them.

Dominicans, let me share something with you:You have built a powerful economy; however the foundation is on sand. The home is beautiful but shaky.

You can not afford all these arrogance with a country like Haiti.

Let me explain to you why you are not all that hot and can be taken down with the next severe wind that blows in your direction:

Your main economy relies on Tourism. Let say we mount a permanent campaign on the Internet (relatively cheap) telling the world that you are a racist society. How long do you think it's going to take before this relatively cheap campaign start costing your economy in the billions annually?

Think about it

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Soulshadow55 says...

I'm black american and believe me the white people here in the U.S. don't care about Haiti or racism toward Haiti.

The only thing they think about is getting out of the cold weather.

When it's snowy and bitter cold here they want to go someplace warm and sunny.

They don't care whether the Dominican Republic is racist towards Haiti.

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Frideny says...

I am haitian but I think it is better for us to copy from them than
threatening them. We may need to stop being selfish.

We have a nice culture, beautiful country, Kompa is well sounded, nice rhythm, it could be the best music in the world.

Dear Colleagues it's time to stop throwing baggage on the street.

Respect for each other, respect for

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Arlene says...

I agree with this article 100%.

also well spoken.

Haiti will always be in my

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