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Guyto Mathieu, the director of Radio Preference FM in Petit-Goave, victims of attacks

Haiti has never been a particularly safe haven for journalists. All too readily, the names of slain newsmen come to mind. This bad reputation that shouts an intolerance for freedom of the press continues with news from Reporter's Without Borders that as little as five journalists have been attacked either physically or verbally in Haiti within the last month, many in the town of Petit-Goave.

While not exactly parallel to what has taken place in the past, given how far this bullying of reporters can go, the latest attacks on Radio Préférence FM Director Guyto Mathieu and others, seems to be the beginning of another cycle. On September 4, 2014, Mathieu was allegedly threatened at a demonstration by members of a group in opposition to the local government. He is said to be a Jacques Stevenson Thimoleon defender and, as such, put himself into the crosshairs of the opposition.

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The power of Radio in the Haitian Society

Haitian radio is the chief means of media communication on the island. Few have income to buy a TV, and those who have sets are subject to unreliable electricity service. Going online to access news coverage is impossible for all but the rich. Not only is newspaper distribution minimal, but 80% of the population are illiterate. The only information source available to everyone is the radio and radio stations are plentiful in Haiti. Reception is widely accessible in virtually every village on the island. Radios cost little to own and run on batteries.

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