Samuel Madistin denounced T-Mick as being paid $50, 000 cash per Month

The son of President Michel Martelly has been denounced by Haitian lawyer Samuel Madistin who accused the Haitian government of nepotism for paying his son T-Micky $50,000 a Month.


He reported on Radio Vision 2000 that T-Micky receives $5,000 per concert and is being booked for communal events throughout the country. He is paid cash money by the National Palace, while groups like Tropicana, T-Vice and Djakout don't make that kind of money.

Samuel Madistin told Vision 2000 Anchorwoman Marie Lucie Bonhomme that the numbers were confirmed.

The Haitian lawyer will probably have to show in court where he found these numbers to accuse the president of Nepotism and Favoritism.

What is Nepotism?

Nepotism is when an someone is playing the game of favoritism. For those of you who are no longer in school, do you remember back in school when the teacher was giving preferential treatment to relative or a child of a friend in the classroom? This does not feel good to you.

Actually, this is how most people feel when they feel that they are a victim of nepotism. It gets even worst if you feel that you had invested so much with time, effort and hard work. It will not be easy for you to tolerate such kind of favoritism.

Political Nepotism is very common. In this case, relations and friends are given important or prominent political positions.

There is a close relationship between Nepotism and Cronyism. Cronyism and Nepotism are both forms of favoritism; however, cronyism involves appointment of long standing friends to positions of authority where the appointed individual is expected not to express views contrary to those of the appointer.

Another common form of Nepotism or favoritism are those found in the workplace. Workplace Nepotism is when someone or a group of people appears to be receiving preferential treatment over the rest of the employees, such as given more flexibilities, compensation, or allowing the person to get away with more.

Nepotism is a threat to any environment and can prevent team to work effectively. It has the ability to demoralize the environment and decrease cooperation, and commitment level. This unfair practice usually leads to the problem of maintaining discipline.

Before it can affect the entire environment nepotism needs to be dealt with.

Make employment decisions based on work-related reasons such as competence and experience rather than other unrelated reasons.

Provide clear communication and create anti-nepotism policies to avoid employee discrimination charges.

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