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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves on new Dominican citizenship law

Caribbean Heads of Government from several CARICOM nations gathered for the 35th edition of a four-day meeting in Antigua to address several issues affecting the regional body, established in 1974. Topics to be covered included the future of CARICOM as a sustainable geopolitical body; effects of the economic malaise; and a decision by the Dominican Republic (DR) to strip illegal aliens' off-spring of their citizenship rights.

Interim CARICOM Chairman, Ralph Gonsalves, was vociferous in his defense of approximately 500,000 Haitian descendents, who risk deportation due to being deprived of their identity documents by the DR. He said, ". . . people of Haitian descent . . . look to us (CARICOM) to give voice to . . . denial of their human rights. Don't think . . . they look simply to Haiti." Gonsalves persuaded CARICOM last year to not engage with the DR once its Constitutional Court ruled to terminate Dominican citizenship for any person that had parents, who illegally entered the DR. The Court made the ruling retroactive to 1929.

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UN Needs to Apologize for Bringing Cholera to Haiti, Dr Ralph Gonsalves

Human rights lawyers have filed law suit in a U.S Federal Court accusing United Nation for misconduct and gross negligence on behalf of the cholera victims in Haiti in 2010. They claimed that the reckless behavior of U.N was responsible for the cholera outbreak because several scientific and medical investigation reports have concluded that one of the most likely sources of the outbreak was leaking sewage system from a Nepalese peacekeepers complex in UN housing. There is no other acceptable explanation how the disease that was present only in the northeastern region of the Indian subcontinent 9,000 miles away, traveled to Haiti.

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