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Rapper, Jean Marc Andre, Da Marco, left Barikad Crew to Master Sun

There has been long standing rumors of rapper Jean Marc Andre separating from rap group Barikad Group. Jean Marc Andre, also known as Da Marco, finally announced at a concert that he will no longer be a part of the biggest Haitian rap group. Da Marco mentioned that he has resigned from the rap band citing personal differences between him and his other band members.

Jean Marc Andre said that he had tendered his resignation to Barikad Group and will no longer be a part of the group. He also ended speculations of whether he would join another group or start a band of his own. Da Marco said that he had joined Master Sun. Da Marco seemed to have been very clear about his decision and also gave away reasons for his decision. He said that his band members were becoming increasingly jealous of his popularity that they were unable to achieve. He mentioned that he had made far more progress over a period of time than any of his band members.

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Micah LeVar Troy, AKA Pastor Troy, Haitian-American rapper

Micah LeVar Troy, birthdate of November 18, 1977, is a Haitian-American rapper and record producer. He took the stage name of Pastor Troy in reference to his father's profession and is also known by this moniker.

Micah LeVar Troy emerged as a performer and record producer in 1999 with his first album, We Ready (I Declare War). He collaborated with successful rappers like Ludacris, who used him on the track "Get Off Me" on the album Back for the First Time. Lil' John worked with Pastor Troy on his Kings of Crunk album, recording the single "Throw It Up". They continued their recording partnership, topping the music charts with the singles "Vice Versa" and "Throw It Up".

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Roi Heenok, Haitian Canadian rapper

Roi Heenok is also known as Heenok Beauséjour. He is Canadian rapper of Haitian lineage. He was born in 1974 in Haiti but currently lives in Montreal. He always used a weird slang and terminology with a lot of repeated sentences, more similar to a contact language.

He used this language so as to be understood by various audiences. Roi Heenok directly translated English terms to French and used them while rapping. This gave his music some humor. For example the song pute nègre, translates to bitch nigger. His lyrics were sung slowly when compared to other raps. He does his music in a tortuous style of a loan as shown in the first album titled Rap Music Cocaïno. It was launched in 2008.

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Tony Yayo, Haitian descent rapper

Marvin Bernard or better known as Tony Yayo is an American rapper with Haitian descent. He is one of the few people who have been able to easily make it to the limelight only through their talents and abilities which like any other artists they have had to grow and nurture so as to have them as successful as they are.

Marvin Bernard, Tony Yayo, is one of the G-unit members who have been able to gain a lot of popularity through their efforts in producing and recording great records some of which have made it as far as 2x platinum and gold sale. He is one of the members who have been around to see the far and the hassles the G-unit group has gone through and how much it has achieved. He is one of the CEOs to the group and as such he is very much famous all over the world just like all the other members.

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DJ Kurtis Mantronik and MC Tee, a Haitian rapper

DJ Kurtis Mantronik and MC Tee, a Haitian rapper, met in 1984 at Downtown Records in Manhattan and quickly made a demo, "Fresh Is The Word", which led to being signed by Sleeping Bag Records. "Fresh Is The Word" debuted as a single in 1985 in dance clubs, charting #16 on Billboard's Hot Dance Singles Sales chart, and was included on Mantronix: The Album.

DJ Kurtis Mantronix's music style, on its first album, "defined the new sound of electro-funk." A polyrhythmic combination of electronic drums, synthesizer, vocoder and a synthesized voice hovering over a bass line, it defined electronic music in its purest form.

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DL Incognito, Haitian Canadian hip hop rapper

Born in Ottawa of Haitian of Haitian parents, DL Incognito has given remarkable hip hop music to the world. He started his music career in 1998 and faced many challenges and stiff competition. He never gave up despite all his life's ups and downs. His challenges have been a real inspiration for him. The real name of DL Incognito is Oliver Nestor. He is a Canadian hip hop rapper as well as a producer. With his real hard work and awesome hip hop tracks, he has been nominated for the best rap recording for couple of times by the Juno Award.

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Imposs, Haitian Canadian rapper

Imposs is a well known Canadian rapper from Haitian origin. He was born and brought up in Quebec. The artist has given some awesome rap songs to the world and was a part of the Muzion music group. He had a total change of life when he started with his solo singing career, which gave him his unique identity. He has also worked in collaboration with Wyclef Jean. K.Pone.Inc music label is associated with this rapper for his music productions. He is world renowned for "Real City" phrase dubbing for Montreal. His real name is S. Rimsky Salgado.

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