What if the Bible gets Updated?

Since the dawn of Times, shifting temperatures, rising sea levels, natural disasters, and Change in Genes have ordinarily happened. These events happened consistently Over Time. Lately, The World has witnessed a cascade of genetic drifts that altered dramatically all Sorts of Species.


Surprisingly, The World Became a "New World of FEAR" BUT the BIBLE has NOT Been Scientifically updated YET to Evangelize This new Changing World.

I know and I Understand the implications about how People view this matter, sometimes they even deny the whole idea of it. This Ostensibly Difficult Task has to be Acknowledged/ Considered as new ways of Teaching the Bible/Gospel to the Christian World such as Catholics ,BAPTISTS, Adventists, Jehovah Witnesses, Pentecotists, and Vodoyisans..!

Phylogenetically Speaking, Changes Happen from Ecosystem to the Genome. These Natural Life Events have categorically Contributed to the Virulent Nature of these Life Forms that We are Actually SEEING, But Acknowledging it as if it's Our TIME is NEARING.

As a Lifetime Methaphysics student, the 1st Law of Thermodynamics (..everything is Transformed.) has incarcerated my whole PSYCHE and enlightened a new way of seeing Life.

However, I believe it's Time to OUR Spiritual LEADERS to take a deep Breath, and Totally RETHINK about new Approaches and Teaching Methods of the Bible/gospel OTHERWISE There will NOT BE anymore SHEEPS in the church of GOD.

This is unfortunate, but I can foresee a Massive Decline in the attendances, and a total Disbelief in the Christian Lives Since all the Sheeps Won't Make it SAFELY to HEAVEN..!


KtaLove Bertrand, The Living ATOM!!!

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