Jean Claude Duvalier finally has his day in Court

This is one for Haiti history book, former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier appeared in a Haitian court for the first time Thursday (February 28, 2013) to answer charges of human rights abuses during his brutal lasting over 15 years (1971-1986).


Te courtroom holding that historic event in Port-au-Prince was packed. One could remark the presence of several journalists, activists, supporters of the Duvalier regimes, as well as representatives from several embassies.

This was also the first time the victims were facing Jean Claude Duvalier, the one they directly accused of being the perpetrator of all these crimes. Alix Fils-Aime and Robert Duval, two of the most vocal victims of Duvalier Crimes were present at the court hearing. It was the first time for them to see Jean Claude Duvalier answer direct questions about the widespread abuses associated with his dictatorial government.

Jean Claude Duvalier came to the court hearing, accompanied by his long time companion Veronique Roy and defense attorney Reynold Georges . The defense team requested a closed-door hearing which was not granted. Duvalier mumbled most of his answers to the court.

Jean Claude Duvalier Court Hearing: The Grand Entrance:

"What have you done with my country?" Jean Claude Duvalier asked the judge. He stated that when he was president, Haitians were an impoverished nation but things were moving along "Haitians sent their children to school. I cannot say life was great but people lived decently,".

The judges asked him questions related to political prisoners who were jailed, tortured and killed under his regime. Jean Claude Duvalier answered that: "Murders exist in all countries". He was also asked about the notorious Fort Dimanche prison."All kinds of delinquents were there, among them drug dealers", responded Duvalier

The Supporters:

Attorney for the plaintiffs, Mario Joseph, was satisfied with the hearing, stating that: "the hearing was evidence that Haiti's long dysfunctional justice system was functioning."

Hundreds of Duvalier supporters outside of the courthouse, some dancing and chanting "Long live Duvalier."

His Victims Won't Forget:

This case is also being closely watched by international human rights observers to make sure that justice is rendered to the victims

The hearing will resume next Thursday. Jean Claude Duvalier ignored three previous court hearings and a warrant was issued ordering his presence with police escort if necessary

The Duvaliers Father and Son 1957- 1986:

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Finally, Jean-Claude Duvalier is getting what he deserved.

Thanks to the Human Right

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