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Rhythm Foundation director Laura Quinlan in Haiti

Laura Quinlan, Rhythm Foundation Director, has been putting on Big Night in Little Haiti for the past three years. She received an invite to participate in a National Performance Network Tour in Port-au-Prince and signed on immediately. She and others landed at Toussaint L'Ouverture International Airport, where a Twoubadou band serenaded them.

First stop was in toney Peguy-Ville, where singer BelO is riding the crest of La Nouvelle Scene. He curated an exclusive showcase of performers, steeped in a hybrid roots-jazz-world rhythm music being exposed internationally through BelO's global renown. Singers, Rutshelle Guillaume, Darlene Desca; reggae stars Rebel Layonn; boy band 4 Harmony, and other traditional roots music stars like Sanba Zao rounded out the evening.

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