River Macassia

Considered to be one of the best sites for outdoor adventures or fishing throughout the regions of Western Europe and the Americas, Haiti's River Macassia can be found by water enthusiasts at the coordinates of 18.933333 and -71.866667. For those not so well versed in degrees of latitude and longitude, the rivers inclusion on many adventure maps allows for them to use a simple printout as their guide to many water adventures.


Another river of great note in Haiti is the Artibonite River. It starts in the Dominican Republic, in the mountains of Cordillera Central, the same range where many rivers on the island of Hispaniola get their start. It then flows down into Haiti. On its course through the smaller portion of Hispaniola, it flows, having most of its journey coursed through Haiti, before it then empties itself into the Gulf of Gonâve.

The river measures 320 km and is a major source for water in Haiti. Those who live nearby have, however, been discouraged from using it as a source for drinking following a fatal outbreak of the waterborne cholera infection. The first such outbreak experience in the country for generations, the October 2010 epidemic proved catastrophic, and the locals were instructed not to drink untreated water from the river as a way to prevent and control the spread of the epidemic.

The river's size and strength allow for irrigation and the utilization of a hydroelectric dam. At the Peligre Hydroelectric Dam, the entire supply of Haiti's hydroelectricity is produced.

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