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Yves Germain Joseph revealed misuse of PetroCaribe fund with road construction

May, 2016 - Hearing of former Minister of Planning and External Cooperation(MPCE) Yves Germain Joseph, revealed that the Ministry of Planning and External Cooperation contracted with the GTC Construction firm for the construction of 18 km of road connecting Fermathe road through Soisson to end at "Académie de Frères". The total amount of the contract was $ 22 million.

One: According to the former minister, the company received $ 21 million or over 95 percent of the total cost of the project for performing only 8 km road or 44 percent of the work.

Former Minister Yves Germain Joseph revealed that following this incomplete work, a new contract was signed by the MPCE with the same construction construction company for $ 45 million with also PetroCaribe funds.

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Route du Canape Vert becomes "Avenue Nelson Mandela"

It's a brand new beginning for the once splendid, upper-middle class area of Canapé Vert, and, with its new outlook to the future, there is a sentimental nod to the past as the Route du Canapé Vert is renamed, 'Avenue Nelson Mandela'.

The decision was given by presidential decree to honor the legacy of the beloved man who fought, throughout his long and illustrious career, for the liberation of blacks and the end of the apartheid scourge throughout the South African nation. The planned street signs and plaques, declaring the route's changed name, will also remind those in the future of the special impact of the man, securing his presence in Haitian posterity.

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Transforming Route Nationale #1, Port-au-Prince To Cap-Haitian, into Highway

What would you say if I tell you there is a plan to make "Route Nationale #1" safer, more efficient and overall better. While we are fighting among ourselves, the multi-year plan to make Haiti an emerging country is moving ahead.

In the objective to improve economic development in Haiti, an investment of $50 million is being made by the Inter-American Development Bank to improve road transportation between Port-au-Prince and Cap-Haitien which are the biggest cities in Haiti.

By the time this project is over, the road from Port-au-Prince to Cap-Haitian will be equipped with guardrails, speed bumps and road signs. The road will also have widening shoulders.

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Haitian government to build motorways over Carrefour and Delmas

It seems that the Haitian government has a comprehensive plan to alleviate traffic problem in the Haitian Capital of Port-au-Prince. According to information retrieved from Le Nouvelliste, a major newspaper in the country, the Department of Public Works is planning to build major infrastructure in Port-au-Prince.

In an effort to eliminate bottlenecks and traffic jam in specific points such as Carrefour and Delmas, the Department of Public Works will build motorways in these municipalities.

According to the same source, funding has already been allocated for the project with work expected to start soon.

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Haiti Road Condition, an Accident Waiting to Happen

Travel by auto on Haiti's roads risks serious injury or death. All National, Department, or County roads are in disrepair from lack of maintenance. Dangerous road conditions and lack of traffic signals and driving principles encourage bad driving habits.

All throughout Haiti, County roads are largely unpaved and littered with potholes. Mountainous roads are particularly perilous, with hairpin turns and an absence of guardrails. Often made of gravel, they can cause a vehicle to slide off the shoulder to death 1,000 feet below.

The government of Haiti (GOH) insists it has no money in its budget to rescue drivers in perilous situations, do clean-up after accidents, or remove stalled autos obstructing traffic. But the GOH's claims are questionable.

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What is an AMBER Alert ?

An AMBER Alert is an urgent bulletin put out when a family abduction has taken place. Issued across all forms of media, it gives the physical description of both child and perpetrator. Along with the physical characteristics of perpetrator and victim, the license plate number and make and model of the crime vehicle is also included.

AMBER Alerts use the Emergency Alert System to broadcast to news, on-air, and Internet media outlets. Other outlets include electronic highway billboards and other billboard entities such as Clear Channel.

The responsibility of issuing an AMBER Alert usually comes under the jurisdiction of highway patrol or state trooper agencies, which involve themselves in investigation of the abduction.

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