How to Stay Safe during a Storm

When a weather bulletin predicts an extremely violent storm headed in your direction, pay attention to the time they expect the storm to hit your area.


Gather your family members when storm conditions indicate high danger, and get to a pre-determined place in your home you will use as a shelter.

Find flashlights in accessible storage areas, where you've stored them ahead of time. Have one on you at all times before and during the storm.

Prepare your children by explaining what will happen and how you'll all stay safe. Be calm for them; they are depending on you.

Avoid doors that are ajar, windows, air currents, and touching any and all electric or metal objects.

Gather together all equipment you think you'll need, well before the storm hits. Guide all family members to the safest place in your home. Some suggestions include the walk-in closet, bathroom, foyer, or any other compact space affording the best safeguard for everyone. Take your bedding and put it in your shelter for warmth and comfort.

At the height of the storm, huddle together, hold hands or hug, and reassure everyone in a calm and steady voice. Stay tuned to your radio to monitor storm conditions and where it's headed.

Remain in your shelter until you believe its okay to come out. If you smell gas or any other strong odors, get out of your home immediately. Poisonous gases or odors lead to a quicker death than fire, and over-heated air is just as deadly.

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