What happens when someone has no Fear

Despite fear being universal in all human beings, some individuals could actually lack the sense of fear in a given situation.


Yes, fear is beneficial in identifying danger and preparing for it, but what if one does not feel fear despite the danger?

The absence of fear is characterized by one's neglect of any risks that could happen when faced with a dangerous situation. This is solely situational of course, depending on the individual and the factors at hand. When it comes to motherly instinct in animals for example, a mother fearlessly fights off a predator much bigger and stronger than she is when the life of her offspring is threatened. This is also the case for human beings when children are involved.

Fearlessness could also be depicted in the aspect of occupation, accidents, emergencies, and natural disasters. Firemen, policemen, and soldiers seem to lack of fear when being faced with life-threatening situations for the sake of the safety of others. Ordinary people also have a tendency to lack fear when the lives of the ones they love or their prized possessions are involved. In a fire, for example, an individual who is safely outside would attempt to go inside a burning household for the sake of saving a trapped family member, sentimental objects like photo albums, money, or pricey possessions like jewelry and electronics.

The lack of fear could also be depicted in extreme individuals like extreme sports athletes and circus performers. Some even gain pleasure and self-fulfillment in attempting things that are life-threatening in nature.

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