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Prison break in Saint Marc, Haiti

Thirty-four prisoners managed to break Nissage saget jail in the city of Saint Marc just in time to do their holyday shopping. The report stated that the inmates managed to dig a hole on the prison wall.

Others reported that the prisoners crawled through a window and fled into the darkness.

Fears in certain regions of Haiti escalated at the start of the last month of 2014 when 34 prisoners escaped from the Saint Marc prison and fled into the night. The escapees, 4 of which were quickly recaptured, reportedly cut through their bars with saws to flee the over-crowded jail. Of the escaped was one person awaiting trial for a murder charge.

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About Verettes, Haiti

The city of Verettes in the Arrondissement of Saint-Marc has a lot to offer. Not only it provides a vibrant and lively night life, it also offers security to its residents and visitors. A number of restaurants, clubs and other entertainment venues are available in Verettes, making music popular in the area. Though it has an active night life, people have nothing to worry about when it comes to their safety. According to reports, the city has an impressive record because it has a very low crime rate.

The city's 51,000 population is divided between two social classes - the rich and the masses. Wealthy families can be recognized by the houses they live in, as most of them reside in homes designed with iron gates and large stone walls. Also, most businesses in the city are owned by rich and well-off families.

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The power of Radio in the Haitian Society

Haitian radio is the chief means of media communication on the island. Few have income to buy a TV, and those who have sets are subject to unreliable electricity service. Going online to access news coverage is impossible for all but the rich. Not only is newspaper distribution minimal, but 80% of the population are illiterate. The only information source available to everyone is the radio and radio stations are plentiful in Haiti. Reception is widely accessible in virtually every village on the island. Radios cost little to own and run on batteries.

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Truck Accident near Saint-Marc, 22 people dead and more than 30 injured

According to news just received, there has been a major truck accident on Friday, January 25, 2013 in Haiti. A truck coming from Bainet in direction to Anse-à-Foleur lost control and overturned in a canal. More than 50 people were on the truck.

It has been reported that 22 passengers who were in a truck carrying pilgrims have lost their lives and another 30 had been injured. The Haitian authorities expect the death toll to increase as several of the those injured were critical and will likely not make it alive.

According to police, the truck that was traveling to near the town of Saint-Marc, about some 100km north of the capital, fell into a canal. Many of the victims drowned following the truck accident, some died crushed by the truck.

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The City of Saint-Marc in Haiti

Saint Marc, Haiti

Saint-Marc Arrondissement, Sen Mak in Creole, is a city-ship in the Artibonite Department of Haiti, along with La Chapelle and Verrettes. The capital city of Saint-Marc lies on the coast of Haiti with port accessibility to Haitian cities in the region.

Saint-Marc is a tableland ringed by mountain ranges. Of the many beaches grazing the coastline of Saint-Marc, Amani-y Beach remains the most-visited. Besides its rich marine life, many exploration areas exist, which make for good scuba diving.

Saint-Marc residents are so noted for their warmth and hospitality; their voices frequently sound as if they are yelling and angry. This love of life translates into a passion for everything, especially music. If they are voodoo believers, you will most likely find them listening to Haitian folk songs. Otherwise, they prefer Troubadou, or American pop music.

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